TEOTE Restaurant Group Set to Open a New Concept in the Vernon Area

According to Google, when translated to English, "teote" means to carry, wield, or convey.
According to the permit filing, the hours of operation will have no seasonal variation.
The address listed on the permit filing is the same address as Double Peppers.
According to Google Earth, Battle Ground Station will be where Margarita Factory once stood.
Debi will be bringing over 30 years of wine industry experience to Camas Cellars.
According to the permit filing, the focus of The Wishbone Well will be spirits and alcoholic options, with no food service.
Mannie believes in giving talented individuals the opportunity to share their culinary expertise with our patrons, according to Silsila's website.
St. Francis will be the third venture for Nate and Mike all within the last 6 years.